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Plants & Sundries ~ Bulbs & Rhizomes

Order now, and we'll supply your bulbs at the appropriate time of year

Help us ensure that native bulbs survive and thrive, by planting them in your garden
We have adopted the Flora locale Code of Practice
If you want quality bulbs, grown from native stock, you've come to the right place.
If you need any help, just click on the chat button to chat with me or leave an offline message.

Best Regards, Martin.

Martin Bailey

ACONITE, WINTER Eranthis hyemalis
Tuberous perennial with yellow flowers, for woods and hedgerows
January-March (bulb)
x50 £20
x100 £35
ANEMONE, WOOD Anemone nemorosa
Star-like white flowers for woods and shady areas
March-April (rhizome)
x50 £20
x100 £35
Wood Anemone
BLUEBELL Scilla non-scripta a.k.a. Hyacinthoides non-scripta
The native wild bluebell, nursery grown - PLANT NO OTHER!!
April-June (bulb)
x50 £20
x100 £35
WILD WELSH BLUEBELL Scilla non-scripta a.k.a. Hyacinthoides non-scripta
The native Welsh bluebell, harvested under licence from a wild population
These are guaranteed genetically-pure Welsh bluebells, so if you need
guaranteed UK or Welsh provenance bluebells, these are the ones to get!!
April-June (bulb)
x1000 £500
DAFFODIL, WILD Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Wordsworth's daffodil, also known as 'Lent Lily', for grassland & woods
April (bulb)
x50 £25
x100 £45
Wild Daffodil
FRITILLARY, SNAKE'S-HEAD Fritillaria meleagris
Purple or white drooping flowers for damp meadows
April-June (bulb)
x50 £20
x100 £35
GARLIC, WILD (RAMSONS) Allium ursinum
Garlic scented white flowered perennial, for woods and shaded areas on damp soils
April-June (bulb - all parts edible!!)
x50 £16
x100 £28
Ramsons or Wild Garlic
LILY OF THE VALLEY Convallaria majalis
Beautiful white-flowered perennial with red berries, for drier woodland
May-June (bulb)
x50 £30
x100 £55
SNOWDROP Galanthus nivalis
Early white flowers for grassland and shaded areas
January-March (bulb)
x50 £15
x100 £25
STAR OF BETHLEHEM Ornithogalum umbellatum
Clusters of white flowers on a stem up to 50cm tall
May-June (bulb)
x50 £20
x100 £35

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