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Our Environmental Policy

At Wildlife & Countryside Services we take our environmental responsibility very seriously, and aim to reduce our 'environmental footprint' on the planet as much as possible, by ensuring that everything we do is as environmentally friendly as we can make it.
We list below some of the things we are doing to achieve this:

1. We try to source and supply products which are made from sustainably sourced materials;
2. Where our suppliers are not as environmentally friendly as we would wish, we either find alternative suppliers or push them to change their methods/sources;
3. We signed up to Greenpeace's successful Forest Friendly 500 Pledge (part of the Kleercut Campaign) - and we were quoted on their website as one of the businesses that pledged to stop using Kimberley Clarke products!!
4. We try to operate as near to a paper-free office as we can, using electronic communication wherever possible, and we do not produce paper catalogues, preferring to use our web site as our catalogue - this not only reduces the amount of paper we use, but also reduces our costs, thereby enabling us to keep our prices as competitive as possible, and we can update our web site regularly with new products and special offers;
5. We have requested that our suppliers do not send us paper catalogues, preferring wherever possible to access their products on their web sites;
6. We request billing information via the internet from our utility suppliers;
7. Where we must use paper products, wherever possible we use recycled paper;
8. We use energy saving light bulbs;
9. Our heating is provided by a log burner and back-boiler. Logs are sourced from our work sites, and would otherwise be chipped or burnt, or off-cuts from our badger gates and other timber products - locally sourced logs are carbon neutral, and only release the carbon dioxide which they have stored during the lifetime of the trees that are cut;
10. We aim to recycle and compost as much as we can;
11. We try not to purchase from companies that are environmentally unfriendly, and this includes purchase of foodstuffs and fuel;
12. We are investigating ways to avoid use of fossil fuels. This includes not using coal for our heating and obtaining greener electricity
(we recommend Good Energy Ltd who supply 100% of their electricity from renewable sources);

13. We encourage our web site visitors to explore environmentally friendlier alternatives, and provide links to sites where our visitors can obtain products from conservation charities, organic producers, etc;
14. We actively campaign on important conservation issues, many of which can be found via our information page.

Two Simple Things You Can Do To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Make sure that all the paper products you buy are made from recycled paper, including office paper and toilet paper!!

Use the Marine Stewardship Council's MSC-certified 'Fish to eat' Guide and Sustainable Seafood Product Finder

Click here for details of the Ethical Company Organisation's Good Shopping Guide

If you have any questions about our Environmental Policy, please feel free to contact us.

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