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Red Squirrel DVD Red Squirrels ~ Spirits of the Wood
Starting in spring when a female red squirrel visits a village garden, later to be joined by a male, we follow their adventures over the course of a year. You will see how the red squirrel population has dramatically declined since Beatrix Potter wrote her story “The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin” in 1903. The American grey squirrel having taken over, outnumbering our native squirrel 66-1, leaving the red squirrel with a fight for survival as an endangered species a century later.
£15.99 including UK p&p
Osprey DVD Osprey ~ Spirit of the Lake
Bassenthwaite Lake is the beautiful setting for the return of one of natures most spectacular birds of prey, the Osprey. Persecuted by man in the past, it is over 170 years since these rare birds bred in the Lake District. The DVD follows the fortunes of a magnificent male osprey, and his two successive mates who have produced 19 chicks up to 2009. You will see courtship behaviour, including the male's spectacular aerial displays, equally spectacular fishing dives, aerial duals with rival bird of prey, the buzzard, and collecting nest materials.
£15.99 including UK p&p
British Mammal Guide DVD British Mammal Guide
This is the first ever DVD to take an in depth look at the mammals of Britain.
This twin disc set contains nearly three hours of stunning footage and features 79 species of mammal found on the British Isles and in its coastal waters. All 18 species of Bat, 11 species of Cetacean and all of the terrestrial mammals found here have been filmed.
The DVD menu allows the viewer to navigate to a species of interest or sit back and watch the discs in their entirety. Each species profile combines a short slideshow of a distribution map and several photos of droppings and footprints that will be of use in identification with several minutes of footage with informative narration focusing on morphological and behavioural characteristics. As such, the guide provides the viewer with the tools to identify each individual species with additional information on habitat, distribution and the best time of year to find them.
Running Time: 2 hours 52 minutes
£17.00 including UK p&p
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