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Ecological Consultancy Habitat & Species Management Field Equipment & Wildlife Features

Newt Fencing & Reptile Fencing

Route cleared and trench dug for newt/reptile fencing   Newt/reptile fencing laid out prior to erection   Newt/reptile fencing before attaching to posts
Newt & Reptile Fencing, Anywhere in the UK and EU

For EU enquiries, please call +44 333 9000 927
A range of Newt & Reptile Fencing aimed at managing and protecting newts & reptiles in their natural habitats, providing an effective barrier and reducing the risk of injury to animals.

Newt & Reptile Fencing is used on major road, rail, utility and development projects across Europe.

We can also provide newt/reptile surveys and install newt/reptile fencing throughout the UK.

We can supply a wide range of newt & reptile fences, from standard polythene sheet to rigid plastic fencing & steel fencing, Animex fencing, Herpetosure fencing, as well as pit-fall traps, etc.

Please contact us with your requirements or for further details or a quotation.
Prices depend on quantity required.
We can undertake surveys and install newt fencing and pitfall traps anywhere in the UK.

Badger gates and fencing are also now available, please contact us with your requirements, or order here.

We can also supply badger fencing, badger gates, deer fencing & gates, otter fencing, rabbit fencing and electric fencing.

Please contact us us with your requirements.

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Ecological Consultancy Habitat & Species Management Field Equipment & Wildlife Features
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