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Children's Books
Grabbit & Skoot

These books about the adventures of the two cats Grabbit & Skoot are a great way to introduce your child to the natural world, and some of the animals that live in it.
You can also get cuddly toys of most of the characters in the books from our Toys page.
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Martin Bailey

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Grabbit & Skoot and the Invasion of the Grey Squirrels Grabbit & Skoot and the Invasion of the Grey Squirrels
Famous feline duo Grabbit and Skoot fly to the rescue of their woodland friends. Supporting roles from Horace the hedgehog, Fawcett the Fox, Rusty the Red Squirrel and some helpful rabbits.
But will it be enough to ward off the cunning attack of the nimble grey squirrels? A woodland tale focusing on the plight of the red squirrels.
£3.95 including UK p&p
(now out of print and only available from us)
Grabbit & Skoot Save a Seal Hospital Grabbit & Skoot Save a Seal Hospital
Famous feline duo Grabbit and Skoot notice some men digging up part of a field near to Oldroyde's Wood and decide to investigate...
In this enchanting adventure, the two black and white cats meet Shotton the Grey Seal. Aided by their visiting Great Aunt Buzz they enlist help from all the woodland animals to provide much needed funds to build a Seal Hospital.
£3.95 including UK p&p
Grabbit & Skoot Mystery of the Vanishing Otter and Horace the Hedgehog and the Birthday Party Grabbit & Skoot Mystery of the Vanishing Otter
and Horace the Hedgehog and the Birthday Party

Aunty Buzz comes to visit again and helps the boys go looking for Overton the Otter who has gone missing. Will the intrepid trio trace him and discover why he has vanished? In a separate story, the three cats help Horace the Hedgehog, hero of the wood, celebrate his birthday.
£5.95 including UK p&p

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