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Badger Gates

Metal Badger Gates   Mesh Badger Gates
Top Quality Badger Gates
(solid gates available to special order)

Badger Fencing

Badger Bait Marking Surveys

Badger Bait Marking Pellets

We can provide you with the best badger gates available!!

We supply to consultancies, developers and landowners all over the UK, and try to keep sufficient stocks to cope with the inevitable last-minute orders during the badger sett exclusion licensing season.

However many badger gates you require, whether it is just one or two badger gates for a stock-proof or rabbit-proof fence, or to keep your dogs from escaping through holes made by badgers in your fence, or 50 badger gates for a large badger sett exclusion, we aim to supply the best badger gates available, quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our badger gates.
Our galvanised steel badger gates can be used as fence gates or as exclusion gates.
Gates come with a steel mesh flap and a one-way 'stop' for badger sett exclusion.
The beauty of the metal badger gates is that they will last a very long time, are very strong, and will never warp (a problem for any wooden gate in certain conditions) or rot. Unlike some other gates available, they won't rust or seize up, either!

Quantity discounts are available.
Gates (mesh)

105 each
Gates (mesh)

10+ 95 each
Galvanised 1-way/2-way Gates (mesh) Hire
15 each per week
(adjust quantity for number of weeks)
Hire 1 Gate
Hire 2 Gates
Hire 3 Gates
Hire 4 Gates
Hire 5 Gates
For more than 5 gates, just add additional gates


Badger fencing and badger bait marking surveys & pellets are also available,
please contact us with your requirements, or click on the links

All measurements are approximate. Please order in plenty of time as there may be a delay with supply.

We can also supply badger fencing, deer fencing & gates,
newt & reptile fencing & pitfall traps, otter fencing and electric fencing.

Please contact us us with your requirements.

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