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Badger Bait Marking Surveys
& Bait Marking Pellets

Badger Gates    Badger Fencing

We can provide you with a full range of badger survey services, including badger bait marking surveys to ascertain territorial boundaries between badger setts and we can prepare suitable mitigation strategies based on the data from these surveys.

We can also supply you with a selection of differently coloured plastic food-grade pellets suitable for badger bait marking surveys.

Please contact us with your requirements or for further details, or order your badger bait marking pellets below.

Our food-grade badger bait marking pellets are available in the following colours:

Yellow at £20/kg (out of stock)   
Orange at £20/kg   
Red at £20/kg   
Pink at £20/kg   
Turquoise Blue at £20/kg   
Green at £20/kg (out of stock)   
White at £20/kg   

Carriage charges are included for UK delivery - courier delivery available at extra cost.

We also supply badger fencing, badger gates, deer fencing & gates,
newt & reptile fencing & pitfall traps, otter fencing and electric fencing.

Please contact us us with your requirements.

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Ecological Consultancy Habitat & Species Management Field Equipment & Wildlife Features
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